• Gunsmith finish--filled, Lacquer rubbed oil finish  
  • Hunter finish - unfilled oil     
  • Re-cut checkering    
  • Bedding barrel and action ( bed recoil lug area and float barrel, bed entire receiver area  float barrel, pillar bedding)  
  • Inlet/Open barrel channel for larger barrel    
  • Metal Stiffening Rods bedded into forend     
  • Add Weight to stock (lead)   
  • Fit and  install recoil pad or butt plate, sling studs, etc
  • Inletting/finishing of semi-inletted or semi-finished  stock      
  • Adjustable butt plate   
  • Sling swivels     
  • Recoil reducer  
  • Install barreled action in synthetic  or wood stock
  • Shorten length of stock and use exiting butt  plate