Detail your services

 Labor is warranted for the specific repair that was completed, if a different problem arises that was not part of the original problem, it is not covered by the warranty. Replacement parts are warranted by the manufacturer.  Firearms shipped for repair must include the magazine if one is required.  I do not have magazines for every type of firearm made.

WEBER'S GUNSMITHING  will notify the customer by phone or email when their firearm repair is completed.  Payment for services are due within 60 days of notice.  Full payment is required before firearm is released.  If full payment is not received  within the 60 day period, customers will be notified by 0certified letter.  Failure to pay the invoice within 15 days of the receipt of the certified letter will result in the gun becoming the property of  WEBER'S GUNSMITHING.  WEBER'S GUNSMITHING  will sell the completed firearm to satisfy the repair invoice balance.

Written appraisals and service estimates have a minimum charge of $25.00 per each firearm. Whether you need an appraisal to present to your homeowners insurance agent or you need one to document your collection for value, I can help you.  Our appraisals are fairly and accurately document your firearms and our appraisal documents are accepted and very much appreciated by courts and insurance companies.  The appraisal fee is based upon the number of items being appraised and the level of detail required for each appraisal. 

I reserve the right to refuse to do any work that is unsafe, illegal, or in poor taste. Unsafe conditions discovered in a weapon, you will be contacted with repair cost.  Firearms are fixed at the standard charges as required.  Unsafe firearms will only leave the shop with a signed receipt of understanding by the owner.

Note: Hunting season I'm out in the field a lot, please don't wait until the last minute, I MAY NOT HAVE YOUR FAVORITE FIREARM READY  FOR HUNTING SEASON.